Hanns Ahring writes: the category which suits best for this music is 'conducted improvisations'.The yellow brick road between composition and extemporized music, the latter also known as free improvisation and even, incorrectly, free jazz. A band improvises music and the performers follow the instructions with which the leader shapes the music. Instructions structurize sound to music, prevent a stand still and 'ergonomic' patterns, thus supporting its development. And yes, it still is extemporisation because the music sounds without any pre-given instruction. In the 'conducted improvisation' the instructions come during performance, which implies that they are extemporized as well. And no, this is not the same as collective improvisation because in the end it's about one person's attitude. Enough said, let's venture! In this version of Am Meer, am wüsten, nächtlichen Meer, after a poem by Heinrich Heine, drummer Carry Jansen takes the role of conductor. This CD is one in a series of 'conducted improvisations' by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemässen Blickfang. To be followed by Und dies handelt von der Picardie und den Rosen die dort wachsen, Hörtet ihr nicht seiner schweigenden Schritt? and Schlägt die Trommel für ein neues Lied, ein besseres Lied! And all four build together Einiges über das was uns mal so beschäftigt.

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